• Caja Rural de Asturias


    Investees -  Bosque de pinos

For the development of daily activity, rural banks have the cooperation of several entities in which that act as service providers in seeking the common good and the generation of synergies. These entities are:

  • Spanish Cooperative Bank:

Established in 1990, is itself, a financial group whose main objective is to provide its shareholders rural banks central bank services. Its shareholders comprise the 72 credit unions Spanish and German credit institution. The Spanish Cooperative Bank Group is composed of the following companies: Rural Real Estate SL (Real Estate Holding Company), Gescooperativo SGIIC Inc. (Investment Fund Manager), Rural Computing SA, Tang Capital Management SGSCR (Management of Venture Capital), ECB Training SA and Rural Renting S.A.

  • Rural Computer Services:

Founded in 1986 by a small group of rural banks pioneered the adoption of, as used today, outsourcing formula, opting for the sharing of its investment capacity to carry out the creation of a common data mining aims to centralize its operations support.

  • RGA Insurance:

The insurance company of the rural banks. Is integrated in the field of banking institutions, insurance and integrate four companies that can offer customers services Banks and pension insurance defendants. These entities are: Rural Seguros Generales SA, SA Rural Life, Rural Pensions, SA and RGA Broker Insurance Brokerage Inc.

  • Docalia:

Whose principal activity is to provide its shareholders rural banks printing services for documentation, the automatic enveloping of mail to customers, the printing of cards, send listings on magnetic media, conducting mailings to customers, etc...