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    Caja Rural’s Telepeaje, in English “Freeflow” is an automated payment system that Caja Rural makes available to all its clients, allowing tolls on almost the entire toll road network to be paid without needing to stop the vehicle.

    Physically, it comprises a small transmitter placed inside the vehicle that contains the user’s details, thus allowing the vehicle to pass through tolls adapted to the system.

    Caja Rural Telepeaje is linked to a credit card, so when a vehicle equipped with the device goes through the toll (only using the lanes marked) it is detected by an antenna. The appropriate sum is then charged against the available balance on the credit card associated with the TELEPEAJE.

    The sums are charged monthly, at the beginning of the following month, and a statement is issued showing all the charges made during that month.

    With Caja Rural Telepeaje, all our clients can save time and fuel, and enjoy safer, more convenient motoring, as well as taking advantage of considerable discounts for frequent travellers (up to 40% on some routes ).